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Sales Team

  • Abdallah Alhasan

    Abdallah Alhasan

    Sales Executive / Services DepartmentAbdallah Alhasan+962791003855
  • Mohammad Sharadgah

    Mohammad Sharadgah

    Sales Executive / Mobile DepartmentMohammad Sharadgah+962791006642
  • Mohammad Rawashdeh

    Mohammad Rawashdeh

    Sales Team Leader / Electronics Department Mohammad Rawashdeh+962791003711
  • Loiy Kassab

    Loiy Kassab

    Sales Executive / Mobile DepartmentLoiy Kassab+962791006647
  • Salah Abutahoun

    Salah Abutahoun

    Sales Team Leader / Services DepartmentSalah Abutahoun+962791003779
  • Mohammad Aljelani

    Mohammad Aljelani

    Sales Executive / Real Estate DepartmentMohammad Aljelani+962791000534
  • Khalil Abdo

    Khalil Abdo

    Sales Team Leader / Automotive DepartmentKhalil Abdo+962791003811
  • Laith Ramadan

    Laith Ramadan

    Sales Executive / Mobile DepartmentLaith Ramadan+962791003866
  • Laith Areed

    Laith Areed

    Sales Executive / Free ZoneLaith Areed+962791003733
  • Anas Marouf

    Anas Marouf

    Sales Executive / Electronics DepartmentAnas Marouf +962791000523
  • Talal Ijmayyel

    Talal Ijmayyel

    Sales ManagerTalal Ijmayyel+962791000560
  • Muath Dar Basheer

    Muath Dar Basheer

    Sales Executive / ZarqaMuath Dar Basheer+962791000517
  • Mohammad Darawsheh

    Mohammad Darawsheh

    Sales Executive / Real Estate DepartmentMohammad Darawsheh+962791003744
  • Ehab Khaleel

    Ehab Khaleel

    Sales Executive / Electronics DepartmentEhab Khaleel+962791000832
  • Zaid Alfar

    Zaid Alfar

    Sales Executive / Services DepartmentZaid Alfar+962791006631
  • Mohammad Abu Izghareet

    Mohammad Abu Izghareet

    Sales Executive / Real Estate DepartmentMohammad Abu Izghareet+962791000537
  • Islam Atieh

    Islam Atieh

    Sales Executive / Automotive Department Islam Atieh+962791000527
  • Hamza Sarsour

    Hamza Sarsour

    Sales Executive / Free ZoneHamza Sarsour+962791003788
  • Zaid Al Qurabi

    Zaid Al Qurabi

    Sales Executive / Automotive Department Zaid Al Qurabi+962791000522
  • Jalal Hamid

    Jalal Hamid

    Sales Executive / Automotive Department Jalal Hamid+962791000532
  • Rashad Al Adwan

    Rashad Al Adwan

    Sales Executive / Automotive Department Rashad Al Adwan+962791003844
  • Mohammad Dawood

    Mohammad Dawood

    Sales Executive / Real Estate DepartmentMohammad Dawood+962791003778
  • Abdullah Quness

    Abdullah Quness

    Sales Team Leader / Real Estate Department Abdullah Quness+962791000512
  • Akram Attieh

    Akram Attieh

    Sales Executive / Real Estate DepartmentAkram Attieh+962791000529
  • Osama Ababneh

    Osama Ababneh

    Sales Executive / Real Estate DepartmentOsama Ababneh+962791003533
  • Mo'ien Almomani

    Mo'ien Almomani

    Sales Executive / ZarqaMo'ien Almomani +962791001923
  • Ehab Ghadieh

    Ehab Ghadieh

    Sales Executive / NorthEhab Ghadieh +962791000528
  • Omar Nazzal

    Omar Nazzal

    Sales Executive / Automotive Department Omar Nazzal+962791000872
  • Khaled Sheikhqasem

    Khaled Sheikhqasem

    Sales Executive / Real Estate DepartmentKhaled Sheikhqasem+962791000547
  • Mohammad Al Ali

    Mohammad Al Ali

    Sales Executive / Services DepartmentMohammad Al Ali+962791000411
  • Ahmed Al Hajjaj

    Ahmed Al Hajjaj

    Sales Team Leader \ ZarqaAhmed Al Hajjaj+962791000531
  • Moath Abu Hamad

    Moath Abu Hamad

    Sales Executive / Automotive Department Moath Abu Hamad+962791000544
  • Alaa Al Fahoum

    Alaa Al Fahoum

    Sales Executive / Real Estate DepartmentAlaa Al Fahoum+962791000524
  • Abdullah Sahti

    Abdullah Sahti

    Sales Executive / NorthAbdullah Sahti+962791000521
  • Anas Rababah

    Anas Rababah

    Sales Executive \ ZarqaAnas Rababah+962791000477
  • Tha'er Abuajweh

    Tha'er Abuajweh

    Sales Executive / Furniture Department Tha'er Abuajweh+962791000892
  • Motaz Alrousan

    Motaz Alrousan

    Sales Executive / Electronics DepartmentMotaz Alrousan+962791003755
  • Osama Homedan

    Osama Homedan

    Sales Executive / Furniture Department Osama Homedan+962791000516
  • Salem Jaber

    Salem Jaber

    Sales Executive / Services DepartmentSalem Jaber+962791000546
  • Abdullah Alawneh

    Abdullah Alawneh

    Sales Team Leader \ NorthAbdullah Alawneh+962791000513

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